"To be the most Comprehensive and Convenient market place for Traded Endowment Policies and Traded Life Policies (TEP/TLP)."
Our Vision Statement

"To help Policyholders to achieve better encashment for their Life Insurance Policies."
Our Mission Statement

Our Guiding Principles


At PolicyXchange, we are fully commited to support Fair Dealings. We endeavor to remind Customers to consider the original objectives before encashing their Life Insurance Policy.


Easy, Convenient and Seamless transaction for Customers, Financial Advisors and TEP/TLP Providers.


To work with Consumer Groups, Insurers, Financial Advisor Associations and all TEP/TLP providers for collaboration and synergy.


Philip Seah

Philip Seah


Phil has 40 years of experience in the life insurance industry with a multi-national UK insurance company. During his career, Phil held various senior executive positions in the Singapore and Asia operations.

Prior to Phil’s retirement in early 2018, he had been Chief Executive Officer of the multi-national UK insurance company’s Malaysia and Singapore operations. Phil retired in January 2018.

Phil brings extensive knowledge and experience to PolicyXchange and continues to be passionate about contributing to the insurance landscape in Singapore.


Soh Yeow Liang

Soh Yeow Liang


Yeow Liang has more than 15 years of experience in the financial services industry. He began his career as a financial consultant with a UK insurance company, and subsequently took on senior corporate positions in sales, business development and channel management in various multi-national insurance companies.

Yeow Liang graduated with a Master of Business Administration (majoring in Finance) from University of Leicester.

Yeow Liang is dedicated to fulfilling PolicyXchange’s vision to provide the most Comprehensive and Convenient market place for TEP/TLP.